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Welcome to Powderkeg Studios, your premier destination for next generation online slots games. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Las Vegas, our team brings decades of experience and a burning passion for gaming to the table. We hold ourselves to the highest creative standards, aiming to create award-winning experiences that will leave players enthralled and coming back for more.

Our mission is clear: to craft online slots games that redefine the industry. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of gaming, always seeking fresh and innovative ways to entertain and thrill players.

In Focus: Munition Mine™

Powderkeg Studios’ Munition Mine™ – takes players on an exciting mine cart ride to claim treasures from ancient mountain depths! It’s dwarves vs. goblins carving out the best haul across 576 ways in this 34443 matrix. Lookout for the Chest where 3 or more trigger the Free Spins and take you on an adventure back to the Dwarves Forge to restock your stores.

Munition Mine™

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Munition Mine™


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